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Good article on building a large-scale e-commerce site with Apache and mod_perl, for what that’s worth nowadays, at This bit was especially pleasing to my SQL-database-phobic mindset:

Since Perl code executes so quickly under mod_perl, the performance bottleneck is usually at the database. We applied all the documented tricks for improving DBD::Oracle performance. We used bind variables, prepare_cached(), Apache::DBI, and adjustments to the RowCache buffer size.

The big win of course is avoiding going to the database in the first place. The caching work we did had a huge impact on performance. Fetching product data from the Berkeley DB cache was about 10 times faster than fetching it from the database. Serving a product page from the proxy cache was about 10 times faster than generating it on the application server from cached data. Clearly, the site would never have survived under heavy load without the caching.

Ha! Take that, database-backed-website fans! ;)