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Irishman could face 10 years in jail for helping asylum-seekers to escape from Australian camp:

His solicitor told the court that he was pleading guilty to the offence. However she asked the court not to jail her client, who has no previous convictions, and who is due to leave Australia when his visa runs out in a few months time.

However the crown prosecutor said that the offence was such that it required a stiff penalty, both to punish the offender and as a deterrent to other would-be criminals considering similar action.

Insp Des Bray confirmed that Mr O’Shea had been arrested and charged at a campsite in Port Augusta on July 2nd. In a court appearance on July 3rd, Mr O’Shea was refused bail, and has been in jail since.

“Criminals”? In my opinion, Jonathan O’Shea’s a hero. Personally, I don’t miss the anti-refugee feeling in Australia.