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those goddamn Irish, and some meta-spam commentary

Mimi Smartypants graces us with some fake Irish prejudice (to go with the Belgian one). “They are drunk all the time and they eat lots of potatoes, at least if you go by the jokes, which is the only way to form one’s fake prejudices.”

Actually, no, that’s about right. Only in Ireland can you find the bonus carbohydrate meal: a meal just isn’t a meal unless it contains potatoes, so anything that comes with rice (let’s say) will usually have a serving of spuds on top. Nowadays you might have to go off the beaten track a little to get this, but it’s still there, if you look. I’m a fake Irishman, clearly, since I don’t really like spuds all that much — but a few of my mates could talk for hours about some especially tasty potatoes they’ve eaten recently. It’s quite bizarre.

She also refers to an existing “fake Belgian prejudice”. Well, in my experience, anti-Belgian prejudice generally runs quickly into the difficult issue of Audrey Hepburn, and ends right there. She’s just non-bigotable.

Also from Mimi, linked by defective yeti: some fantastic meta-spam commentary.

[Here’s] a very weird subject line for spam: Watch Me Film Myself Masturbating. Whoa. That’s pretty removed from the subject/object consciousness. Can’t I just watch you masturbating? I have to watch “the making of” you masturbating?

If I could fit that onto one line, it’d go right into the SpamAssassin Bugzilla quips file, where we save the most stupid spam hooks — but I can’t, and it might come off wrong on its own.

Er, so to speak.

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