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Comments closed blocked by AOL for two weeks

Things are getting crazy in the fight against spam: it seems AOL blocked access (for two weeks) to its mailserver from, one of Sweden’s biggest ISPs (if not the biggest), due to spam.

Attached is an unauthorized translation of an article in the Swedish IDG paper Computer Sweden (web edition, Oct 24), provided by Claes Tullbrink.

Until a (previous) article was published, noting this ban, AOL had not succeeded in contacting Telia to talk about it. Amazing stuff.

Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 14:51:19 +0200
From: Claes Tullbrink (spam-protected)
Subject: not blocked by AOL any longer

Computer Sweden (in Swedish, password may be required after today):

Oct 24, pm.

For more then two weeks mail from was blocked by AOL.

Jocelyn Cole, AOL UK, confirmed the block, which was due to big amounts of spam sent from Telia domains to AOL. The block is now removed, and AOL is cooperating with Telia to find a long term solution to decrease the amount of spam sent from Telia, to protect AOL customers.

Press officer Jan Sjöberg, Telia, says it was the article that solved the issue: a Telia contact person name was mentioned in the article, and it seems
that AOL had read the articles [and *so* and in no other way knew who they could contact? CT]

Jan Sjöberg is still not sure how the block was related to spam: due to spam, reports of spam or a customer’s open mail relay. Telia will investigate. [proxies was not mentioned. I don’t know if “reports of spam” relates to refusing to accept plain mail reports sent to (spam-protected)


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