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ThinkGeek sent me a voucher for 30 bucks. Thanks ThinkGeek (or Sourceforge, I’m not sure which)! So here’s what I got:

Mousetrap For Your Fridge Or File Cabinet!

When is the last time you played with your marbles? Welp, dust off your old marble collection (or use the included marbles) and set them on a journey they’ll never forget.

You design the marble’s treacherous path down the steep slope of your fridge or file cabinet (or any metal surface, as these things are magnetic). You have at your arsenal a combination of chutes, funnels, catapults, spinners and sheer drop offs to arrange according to your mood and tastes.

Give your marble the gift of extreme sports, all in the comfort of your own home or office. Because happy marbles breed happy times…

Too cool. Thanks ThinkGeek/Sourceforge!

(On the other hand, BTW, their chosen shipper for Europe happily charges an extra 6 euros for “import duty”. but hey, the toy was free.)

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