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more on vehicular travel

rOD links to Massholes, an incredible gripe site for residents of Massachusetts to bitch about shitty driving, for example:

Dear Masshole Driver,

WHAT on earth makes you think that making a right hand turn from the left hand lane is a good idea??? Really, I’d like to know.

Signed, The-nice-person-you-totally-cut-off-and-almost-killed

Incredible stuff. Sounds like they could do with the cool innovation recently introduced here — the “dob-a-dangerous-driver” line (1).

Let’s say you’re doing what a friend of mine did a few months ago: crossing the road, with your kid in a buggy, at a pedestrian crossing, with the lights in your favour — then a speeding driver breaks the lights at top speed and nearly totals the pair of you.

This great innovation then allows you to whip out your mobile phone (hey, this is europe, everyone has one (2)), and immediately report the car’s registration number — and 2 weeks later he receives a fine! Hey presto, instant justice. (3)

And in the last week, they’ve introduced penalty points for bad driving; 12 points and you lose your license. Things can only get better — for the pedestrians that is, at least. ;)

(1: no, it’s not really called that BTW)

(2: except me, that is — I’m so far ahead of the bleeding edge I’ve given them up)

(3: well, I’m exagerrating, I think there was more witness and due process involved, but it’s pretty close.)

(4: errno==EDANGLE: dangling footnote found)