Caoimhe Butterly

Guardian: Courage under fire. No matter what you think about what’s going on in Israel and Palestine, Caoimhe, and the other international observers, require your support:

Friday was a very close call. Caoimhe was shot in the left thigh as she stood in between a firing IDF tank and three young boys in the street. I spoke to her on the phone shortly after the attack as she lay in her hospital bed. She explained that she had been trying to persuade the IDF, after they shot dead a nine-year-old boy, to stop shooting at the children. They had told her to get out of their way or they would shoot her. It was while she was clearing the children off the streets that she was shot. She is sure she was a direct target; the tank was close by, the soldier pointed his gun at her and fired, and continued to do so as she crawled to an alleyway for shelter.

I asked an IDF spokesman for his explanation. ‘We are in the middle of a war and we cannot be responsible for the safety of anyone who has not been coordinated by the IDF to be in the occupied territories right now. While we do not want innocent Palestinians to suffer, or internationals to get hurt, we are trying to ensure the safety of the Israelis and we will not tolerate internationals interfering with IDF operations. It is not the job of internationals to stand in the line of fire, unless they are the son of God, but he hasn’t come yet.’

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  1. Donna
    Posted January 12, 2009 at 13:48 | Permalink

    well done Caoimhe and people like you i admire you in a world that doesnt seem to care about the defenceless people of gaza i grew up in the north of ireland in the early seventies and really feel for these people im now a mother of four with a daughter called caoimhe and i wish the world would care the UN should hang their heads in shame for not helping a UN peacekeeping force should be in now to prevent the IDF murdering anymore innoent poeople ive heard there is a boycott of Israeli goods if anyones know what they are ill boycott them also is there anything else me or people like me can do to help??

    well done Caoimhe your an inspiration regards Donna