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I am Mr Brunce Anthony, the bill exchange director at the NATIONAL WESTMINSTER BANK PLC.” Yes, it’s a 419 from that well-known third-world country, the UK.

(PS: Brunce?! what kind of name is that?! Everyone knows only Americans have that kind of ludicrous given name ;)

Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 10:40:51 +0100
From: “Brunce Anthony” (spam-protected)
To: (spam-protected)

Dear Sir,

I am Mr Brunce Anthony, the bill exchange director at the NATIONAL WESTMINSTER BANK PLC, 135 BISHOPSGATE LONDON EC2M 3UR.

I am writing this letter to solicit for support and assistance from you to carry out this business opportunity in my department. Lying in an inactive account is the sum of

Thirty Million United States Dollars($30,000,000.00)belonging 

to a foreign customer(Stanley Heard),the former President(Bill Clinton’s personal physician) and Chairman of the National Chiropractic Health Care Advisory Committee who happens to be deceased.

He died with his wife and two children in a plane crash on Board a small airplane that plunged into a river. Ever since he died the Bank has been expecting his next of kin to come and claim these funds.

To this effect, we cannot release the money unless some one applies for it as the next of kin, as indicated in our Banking Guideline. Unfortunately he has no family member here in the UK or America who are aware of the existence of the money as he was he was a contract physician to the Chairman of Royal Bank of Scotland.

At this juncture I have decided to do business with you in colloboration with

officials that matter in the Bank, to this effect we solicit your assistance, 

in applying as the next of kin, then the money will be proccesed and released to you, as we do not want this money to go into the Bank, Treasury as an unclaimed bill.

The Banking law and guideline stipulate that if such money remains unclaimed for a period of Five years the money will be transfered into the Bank s’ Treasury as unclaimed bill. Our request for a Foreigner as a next of kin is occassioned by the fact that the customer was a Foreigner and a British cannot stand as next of kin.

Sir, 15% of the money will be your share as a Foreign partner, while 5% will be for any expenses incured during the transaction, thereafter we would visit your country once the money hits your account for disbursement and investment.

Please reach me at the above email or fax if willing to do business with us.

Best regards,

Mr. Brunce Anthony

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