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anti-drug propaganda slips up

Guardian: DrugScope, the drug charity, says that an ‘intensive media campaign against the drug ecstasy has led to an increase in cocaine use among young people’. whoops.

‘Studies show the reason they no longer use ecstasy is because of the scare stories,’ said a spokesman for the charity. ‘They haven’t seen similar stories about cocaine and their belief is that cocaine is the safer drug. The reality is that cocaine, especially crack cocaine, is a much more harmful drug – it kills more people each year and more people have dependency on it.’

They also add a few UL-busting facts:

DrugScope’s guide argues that there are no recorded examples of heroin ever being cut with ground glass … no drug is instantly addictive and that addiction generally takes several months to develop … physical withdrawal from heroin is like a bad bout of flu, not a near-death experience.
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