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Kim Jong Il, Giant Robot

Kim Jong Il Unfolds Into Giant Robot (Onion). Met up with Paddy Benson last night for a few drinks, and he let me into the secret that The Onion is, once again, officially funny:

‘If we add Kim Jong Il’s transformation into a giant robot to his already defiant isolationist stance and his country’s known nuclear capability, the diplomatic terrain definitely becomes more rocky,’ U.S. envoy James Kelly said. ‘Kim has made it clear that, if sufficiently threatened, he will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons or his arm-mounted HyperBazooka.’

‘We are also forced to consider the possibility that Kim may attempt to robo-meld with other members of the Axis of Evil, forming a MegaMecha-Optima-Robosoldier. Kim would make a powerful right arm — or even a torso — for such a mechanism.’

Wotcher Paddy!

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