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**GTA: Vice City**

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has been nominated for the Designer of the Year award in London:

‘We will be highlighting the reason why it is worthy for this prize,’ (the curator) added, noting the game’s attention to detail in costuming, music and atmosphere.

‘I’ve never been so excited to just watch a video game, never mind playing it,’ said Sellers. ‘It is really great to see all the details and feel the nuances. Playing it is even better.’

I must say, I have to agree. It’s easily one of the best games I’ve ever played; insanely playable and full of amazing attention to detail. The content’s a bit strong in places, but the same can be said of Mean Streets or Scarface, and I’m sure they may have picked up an award or two themselves, along the way. It’s just (interactive) fiction.

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