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Spammers in the NYT again

NYT: Internet Is Losing Ground in Battle Against Spam.

‘We have allowed these spam cops to rise out of nowhere to be self-appointed police and block whole swaths of the industry,’ said Bob Dallas, an executive of Empire Towers, an e-mail firm in Toledo, Ohio, widely cited on antispam lists used by many Internet companies.

‘This is against everything that America stands for,’ Mr. Dallas added.

‘The consumer should be the one in control of this.’

Wow, way to shoot yourself down in flames. Without a spam filter to detect unsolicited bulk mail and differentiate from the solicited stuff from their friends and legit subscriptions, the consumer has control how, exactly?

BTW, Empire Towers have a very impressive ROKSO listing. It says: ‘Empire Towers (ET) is a hard-line stealth spamming operation whose spams are illegal in most US states. ET goes to elaborate lengths to hide spam origins and obfuscate URLs. They operate by obtaining multiple class C netblocks on multiple ISPs known for lax handling of spam complaints, the class Cs serving to make their account more valuable to the ISP so in theory harder to terminate.’