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Unhappy Intelligence

I’ve been trying to reduce all the anti-war stuff, since there’s plenty of other sources for that and I reckon I’m boring everyone. But this story’s a doozie — US, UK intelligence agencies accuse Bush and Blair of distorting and fabricating evidence in rush to war:

A high-level UK source said last night that intelligence agencies on both sides of the Atlantic were furious that briefings they gave political leaders were distorted in the rush to war with Iraq. ‘They ignored intelligence assessments which said Iraq was not a threat,’ the source said. Quoting an editorial in a Middle East newspaper which said, ‘Washington has to prove its case. If it does not, the world will for ever believe that it paved the road to war with lies’, he added: ‘You can draw your own conclusions.’ …

‘The INC saw the demand, and provided what was needed,’ he said. ‘The implication is that they polluted the whole US intelligence effort.’

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