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Archives vs. Apple

a message on Dave Farber’s IP list tipped as a little-known alternative to Apples new music store. So I took a look, and whaddya know, it’s incredible! Here’s the key points:

  • A fantastic selection of my favourite genres: roots reggae, dancehall, ambient and drum and bass. This is exactly the stuff you can’t find on P2P nets nowadays, and it’s not on Apple’s store either. EMusic is not so hot for the top-40 stuff, but let’s face it, I will never want to listen to Britney’s latest anyway.

  • ‘Try before you buy’ 30-second track tasters, so you can listen to
    • the tune just enough to see if you like it before committing.
  • A flat monthly rate of 10 bucks, for 50 tracks a month.
  • Download as plain old un-DRM-encumbered MP3s. So it’ll work fine on my Linux desktop, and pretty much any music-listening device you can possibly imagine for the next few years.

Wow. I’m so signing up for this. I think in 10 minutes I’ve identified my next 6 months’ listening material…

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