UFO Roundup on Saddam’s Alien Technology

Saddam Hussein, or Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger? You decide:

… (UFO Roundup Middle East correspondent) Mohammed Daud al-Hayyat has a theory that the golden necklaces worn by Saddam and his son Qusay are protective devices given to them by the reputed Zarzi aliens. …

‘People say that when they wear these necklaces, Saddam and Qusay have only to clasp hands, and the circle of light will appear,’ Mohammed explained, ‘The alien vortex will instantly transport them to safety. In this manner, they can create the circle without the Zarzi aliens being present.’ …

‘The latest rumor is that Saddam will shortly address the people of Iraq from an alien base on the moon! They say this will happen in four or five days.’

Classic! Snipped from UFO Roundup, via the Forteana list; full extract here. (Link)

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UFO ROUNDUP Volume 8, Number 18 May 7, 2003

You missed the best segment – the one about Saddam and the UFO:

The Saddam video “is the talk of everyone in Baghdad,” reported Ayesha al-Khatabi, a UFO Roundup Middle East correspondent. “But what is most puzzling is the mysterious golden necklace Saddam was wearing when the Azamiyah video was made. Qusay was wearing one, as well. Since Saddam is not known for wearing jewelry with his uniforms, my sources in Iraq cannot understand why he chose to wear it that day.”

Fellow correspondent Mohammed Daud al-Hayyat has a theory that the golden necklaces worn by Saddam and his son Qusay are protective devices given to them by the reputed Zarzi aliens.

(Editor’s Note: According to an urban legend, a UFO crashed in Iraq either during 1991 or 1998. Saddam granted the surviving aliens sanctuary, allowing them to live in either an underground base at Zarzi or at the centuries-old citadel at Qalaat-e-Julundi in the As- Zab as-Saghir (Little Zab) river valley in northern Iraq.)

“People say that when they wear these necklaces, Saddam and Qusay have only to clasp hands, and the circle of light will appear,” Mohammed explained, “The alien vortex will instantly transport them to safety. In this manner, they can create the circle without the Zarzi aliens being present.”

Two days after Saddam’s appearance, “on April 11 (2003),” al- Azamiyah “was the site of a firefight between Iraqis holed up in a mosque and U.S. Marines hunting for leaders of Saddam’s regime.”

Ayesha noted that “al-Azamiyah is primarily a neighborhood of Sunni Muslims, so Saddam Hussein knew he would be among friends when he appeared there.”

Also on Wednesday, April 9, 2003, according to ufologist Jose Escamilla, a cylindrical UFO was seen dodging American anti-aircraft bursts while flying over Baghdad.

“I found a rod (cylindrical UFO) that zipped through anti-aircraft explosions over the city,” Escamilla reported, “And this rod flew effortlessly and was not hit nor affected by the explosions in the air. Clear shot and it was moving very fast.”

Ayesha speculated that this “may have been the UFO that brought Saddam Hussein to al-Azamiyah earlier. The Escamilla video may actually show Saddam and Qusay leaving the city after their surprise appearance.”

On Wednesday, April 30, 2003, the ousted dictator created another stir when “a London-based Arabic newspaper published a handwritten letter purportedly signed by Saddam Hussein that called on Iraqis to rise up against American forces.”

Saddam “urged Iraqis to rebel against the ‘infidel, criminal, murderous and cowardly occupier,’ promised that people who collaborated with American-led forces would be punished and predicted that ‘the day of liberation and victory will come.”‘

“Faxed to the offices of Al-Quds al-Arabi, the letter was dated April 28, the date of Saddam’s 66th birthday.”

“The newspaper’s editor, Abdel Bari Atwan…said he had seen Saddam’s signature before and believed the one on the letter was ‘definitely’ his.”

However, “U.S. officials were skeptical about the authenticity” of Saddam’s letter and “are unsure whether Saddam survived two bombings that targeted buildings where he was believed to be, one at the outset of the war and one at the closing days.”

President George W. Bush, “speaking Sunday (April 20, 2003) at Fort Hood in Texas, said that if Saddam was alive, ‘I would suggest he not pop his head up.”‘

“In the last week, Iraqis say they have seen Saddam emerging from an underground tunnel in his hometown of Tikrit, riding in a taxi in the southern city of Basra and living in a former Sheraton Hotel in Baghdad.”

“‘There have been more sightings of Saddam Hussein than of Elvis,’ Rick Wiles, editor of American Freedom News, said.”

“Opinion is equally divided. Some people say Saddam is at Zarzi with the aliens,” Mohammed Daud al-Hayyat added, “Others say he is at the underground base at al- Ouja, two kilometers (1.2 miles) north of Tikrit. The latest rumor is that Saddam will shortly address the people of Iraq from an alien base on the moon! They say this will happen in four or five days.”

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  1. Betty Boop
    Posted June 4, 2007 at 16:26 | Permalink

    I also notice that the USa is mighty wanting of what they had int hat museum they guarded so mighty. some kind of device I heard that Saddam was giving out to other countries or people carelessly and some kind of time travel device or like that. Then when they got it the damn place not guarded at all and still valuable Art in there. Also there are hidden underground tunnels supposedly that hold the ancinets of old in suspended animation. Some Illuminati want to wake them up as they know how to break thru the protective barrier surrounding Earth and keeping them in. Others do not want to awaken them as they are quite big and fierce and do not know if they will take over and eliminate them. Risky. I do not think Saddam was killed. They all do beheading types of killing there and then all of a sudden they are the wild west with hanging? Not buying it myself. Most likely some clown they convinced with mind control he him or some clone. LIke the Clinton jogger a while back. Then again if they were upset with him giving secrets away,it is death as repercussion. He was in idea he was the reincarnation of some ancient wizard. Not too sure on name or this in much detail. I am straining my brain to recall all I heard back then. He was like on the roof this one time and made himself disappear or such? Maybe with this necklace you speak of. What happened to it? You notice when he caught too? That in old pictures and in the new he in jail ones which were not many by the way as NASA gives us renderings and not real photos ,I am thinking them not him and do not look like same moles and eyebrows to me. But hey I am a delusional conspiracy factist.! I am sure he and sons are in some alien land or ship with a margarita. Bin Laden in Hawaii drinking my damn Mai atai. which he is not wanted any way and we all know he did it with some other white housed peoples that wre partying on a gambling boat the week before with the terrorists and all the politicians and FBI etc. off the coast of Florida. Or could just be another Coincidence. They do seem to have an awful lot fo them by the way from doing practice runs each time disaster strikes from Waco,Okc,911,Train in england. I mean what are the odds? The way they never scurried Bush off to safety is behavior of one’s who know they do not have anyone chasing them. They are the ones doing it.

    Lets see. The way buildings fall at same speed of rate for fall and time to do it in as with no floors as with 111 of them to impede fall but amazingly enough two buildings actually pick up speed as a ball would if thrown from tops of buildings and nothing to impede rate of fall . The towers actually pick up speed and goe faster as they fall to ground as the human bodies did that had no floors to crash into and slow and impede the rate of fall some. Now this is positivlely amazing and how they explain this physics re write I will never know.. Well I could go on with only behaviors alone that would make any sense in head person see that is good reason to question motive snad these behaviors of innocence as they are of guilt this kind of actions. Taking the evidence. Now i bet they still have parts of the planes that ever went down or crashed not mountains to this day. But not 911 when they still trying to figure out who did it with no evidence. kinda hard that way. I suppose they just out it on the back burner. not important nor is the buyer of all that stock in American Airlines and they obviously in on ti too. Giving employees a bone right before the crash. They knew they would be taking 800.00 more from them in a month or two. So the 200.00 raise was nothing in comparison of what they knew they would be taking n the WAR excuse of America under threat so all business can rape the employees and the fact that old Bob Cardi managed to invest a lot of his money in AA shares. He said as a token of how much faith he had AA would pull threw it. Hell they all in on it. He then resigns after getting caught with lieing contracts and convincing with lies to sign contracts which they still upheld as binding when he forced to resing which in my opinion shows guilt and not legal anymore. But NOOOOOOOOOOOO. Then he gets to resign still has all flight priviledges. That means you buy first class ticket to Aruba and Cardi and family show up ,Your in coach. See these are just some of the actions and behaviors I mention that are few and more to see but if these alone do not make anyone a bit suspicious to innocence and all these damn coincidences in favor all the time. Then I spit on them that protect these monstrous ones who sacrificed all them people on their power days and numbers kick as well another obvious coincidence. My god,how can anyone defend someone who does that and not think they wont do it too them and as if this was not one step of many to a bigger goal and not the end. Now we got Bush who makes himself the Grand Pupa and all in state of emergency stipulations then makes speech to the Marines or Navy saying that we not pay all we owe ,only down payment and more to pay. Now who the hell is paying and who is buying and how he know this and why not anyone ask and say he is not allowed to make new signed laws without the house or cabinet. And who is he finding this message of how much we owe still from? Doesnt anyone notice this crap? Also the way the European union is absorbing England before june 9 they want. and well considering the England has been ruling us in reality wether anyone wants to admit it or tot kinda would that mean we get thrown in the deal? Wake up with EU soldiers no bed one night.

    They also made a law two months ago saying any foriegn soldiers can rule over citizens of USA in emergency situation and no soldiers here and off in some fake war in Iran then they can march in with weapons and govern us, Now i thought all these rights giving up and stuff was to ensure that foreign soldiers or any other foreingers could not get in . Let alone with weapons.!! NO one finds this odd? Or a clear indicator of what to expect? LIKE AN EMERGENCY SITUATION PERHAPS? FRIGGING MORONS Then to top it off we got the hidden spawn child of Hitler so it comes out now that COINCIDENTALLY ENOUGH has the position of president of the EUROPEAN UNION. WOW What are the frigging odds you rocket scientists? Then the fact that the queen is related to Hitler and so is BUSH,well im gonna have to see another COINCIDENCE here. Then the fact that all US PRESIDENTS have been of the ROYAL bloodlines since day one would clearly indicate a YOUR VOTE DID NOT AND STILL DOES NOT MEAN DOO DOO.NADA. SQUAT. You been duped from get go.

    They put in who they want and make you think you have some part in it . Its all fecad like their damn press conferences they give their hired media people the damn script to and tell them what questions they will ask and then its all too look like it real. Its all them. All pesidents but KENNEDY who was still Illuminati are bloodlines to Royal lineage. This is not any way could happen naturally so people wake up and smell the napalm in the damn morning will ya. Better love it cause your not doing nothing is sure to guarantee your gonna be sniffing it soon. OH and one last behavioral sign to notice maybe you all blinders sheeple. The ones who mean to protect you do not ,I say DO NOT run their whole country that they sell of lands too(only country that does this by the way) To foreigners and then who is to tell who owns it later. Seen a plot map lately of who owns what? You sell off land its a sign you do not plan on being there much longer to me. You see them building Babylon here? Anyway . leaders who portect their beloved sheeple do not make the whole country so reliant on a foreign gotton substance that is known or at least that was their lie then to run out and not be able to get but at high prices and only if the other countrys who sit on it who you fickle with constantly and piss off; decide they will give you any. If not get then that beloved country falls to its knees and to a standstill and they starve and perish these beloved sheeple. .NO sane person would make a whole nation reliant on other peoples goods. But if you are invested in this goods (OIL) (PRISONS)(HALIBURTON GETS NON BID CONTRACTS OF ALL ATTACK ZONES COINCIDENTALLY ENOUGH RIGHT BEFORE THEY HAPPEN TOO, NEW ORLEANS?then maybe and wanted to ensure they not get any type of free energy or such to them or keep them so in the car oil needy mode of transportation that has not changed since the discovery of wheel much as the rest of our world is excelling at such a rapid pace I cant keep up.But not our modes of transport. Flight, rockets, cars all same. Only prettier to fool you into thinking progression is taking place. When actually they are keeping you in their grasp to squeeze you later as they are now,for this step of plan they had in mind way back then when set up the whole damn Sovereign state of Isreal in ww2.the damn borrowing of forieng banks with the name of federal reserve which is no way USA owned and never was and cant be audited or does not even have to tell you h ow much money they have but you still taxes owe. What kind of leaders borrow what they can print for free if not really them in disguise and you being set up from even back then and kennedy killed cause he want to print own money. He had some common sense. Bush was at that DAllAS site of Kennedy killing with no armed guards coincidentally enough at that specific turn when driver slows down instead of rushing off president as shot at to safety again. Gee thats twice now. What happened with all the other presidents that lived who were attacked. Any rushing off or sorts.? Any quick acting Undercover agents?. Throwing their bodies in front of bullets in honor of nation? Folks this is just but a drop in the bucket and I cannot presume to understand ever why you wont or do not see this obvious betrayal and then to think its not going to stop now. Well thats absurd. I really take offense to you risking my life and others do to your inability to face the ugly truth and do something about it. IF not think nothing wrong then cant very well change what is not wrong now can ya? So go put on them rosey glasses. Bury head in sand and wait for the finish. We all ,the rest who are trying to get enough of you all motivated to act and save us all,well we will be the ones kicking your butts on the way to heaven and I am not sure which direction you all will be heading. But kicks are in order either way. Thanks for the thoughts and ding all you could . We know you will be justly rewarded for your true efforts. Or lack there of. Free will huh? almost. we kinda stuck on a train wreck with no choice some of us as not enough of us. You all though. would make a hell of a difference. Maybe all of it. Have a nice nap. We will be up here trying to solve things.You go have fun and watch some more mind manipulating brain washing tv. That should help a lot.

    Just answer me one thing will ya? How do you sleep at night knowing your either a stupid as hell person that cant see what others show and point out to them and is so apparent a blind mentally challended individual would see the pattern. or The fact of being such a pussy candy chicken ass not kinda make your little self esteem go bye bye? Just curious. Think we got a right to know. Since it is US your sacrificing along with your own selfs and families with lack of doing or facing truth.

  2. ian
    Posted July 1, 2008 at 23:32 | Permalink

    wow. you have serious paranoid problems. i doubt you can prove even half of what you just said, besides from some other random conspiracy theory website. im sure there is more to the picture than what the public knows, but the picture isnt the size of the fucking sistene chapel.