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SCO’s strong-arm tactics

In case you missed it — SCO’s letter to Linux customers. Executive summary:

  • open-source code development methodology bashing, to start with
  • SCO will ‘suspend their own Linux-related activities’, whatever they were
  • all users of Linux are vaguely threatened in a ‘cartooney’ fashion
  • ‘Similar to analogous efforts underway in the music industry, we are prepared to take all actions necessary to stop the ongoing violation of our intellectual property or other rights.’

Classy! And a bonus good point from a comment on this LJ article: ‘According to this article, SCO Linux 4.0 contains version 2.4.19 of the Linux kernel. … By the act of distributing the Linux 2.4.19 kernel, SCO has irrevocably released any and all of their intellectual property present in the 2.4.19 kernel under the (terms of the) GPL.’

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