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Small World

wow, this is wierd.

So I did a quick blog-hop, as you do. First, I visited Bernie’s interim blog (thanks for the link B! BTW, this looks cool).

From there, I hopped to Micheal O’Foghlu’s site, and finally settled the question — yes, he is related to Cormac O’Foghlu, who I used to work with ;)

On to Sean McGrath’s blog, where I came across an interesting link to DemoTelco — a nifty site where anyone can set up a blog and write entries via SMS messages. Set up by a Dublin company, Newbay.

Cool. To check it out, I took a look at one of the blogs on the ‘most popular’ sidebar, and what do you know — it’s Caelen King’s foneblog!

Lots of (er, frankly bizarre) pics of Caelen and Barbara. Given the shots of Euro coins and crappy Dublin weather, I guess they’re back from their round-the-world trip, then…

Sure enough, it notes:

We are back in Ireland and back at work – Our Really Big Adventure is over

Know that feeling. :( Still, at least they went to the bother of finishing up their travelogue. I think I’ll take a read over that in full when I get a chance…

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