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Interview with nmap author

a good interview with nmap’s Fyodor on /. Snippet:

  1. During your time running Honeypots, you’ll have seen a lot of compromised systems. Is there any incident that’s really stuck in your mind because of the audacity of the attempt, or the stupidity of the person attempting the breakin?

  2. On the humorous front, one attacker was was running a public webcam during his exploits, so we were able to watch him crack into our boxes in real time :). I will resist the urge to link a screenshot. His rough location was determined when we noticed Mrs. Doubtfire playing on his TV and correlated that with public schedule listings. He was working with a Pakistani group, but was actually on the US East Coast.

    In the ‘disturbing audacity’ front, this year we found that a group of crackers had broken into an ecommerce site and actually programmed an automated billing-sytem-to-IRC gateway. They could obtain or validate credit card numbers by simply querying the channel bot! Expect a more detailed writeup soon.

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