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SCO’s Hand-Waving Drags On

Ho hum… SCO staggers on. Snore. Quick links:

    • Analysts to SCO
    : ‘don’t drag us into this’. Also, a good quote from Linus: ‘Quite frankly, I found it mostly interesting in a Jerry Springer kind of way. White trash battling it out in public, throwing chairs at each other.’
  • Some unintended side-effects in Germany: LinuxTag launches ‘anti-competitive’ suit, SCO shuts down their German website in response. (Mind you, I doubt it’d make any difference. I don’t think they actually have any customers at this stage, so the only people who’d notice would be reading about it in the news sites anyway ;)
  • Slashdot roundup — mostly worth reading for the top 2 comments ;)

  •’s take on the issue.

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