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Software patent proposal passes

GREENS/EFA: Patent vote fails Europe’s software programmers. Damn.

UK and German MEPs, in rejecting amendments to the report, have ignored the opinions of the Economic and Social Council, the Industry committee, the Culture committee, 140,000 people and 30 leading software scientists who signed two petitions to the Parliament, as well as the 95% of the European citizens who took part in a European Commission public consultation.

So I guess the next step is figure out who those MEPs were, and make sure they never get our votes again.

There’s still time though: Mercedes Echerer MEP (Greens – A) notes: ‘You can be sure that the report will have a very bumpy ride when it goes to plenary in September with one third of committee members in opposition.’ We can at least try to let our voices be heard by the other two-thirds…

However, in some good Euronews: the Czech republic has passed a referendum on joining the EU.

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