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Audioscrobbler is cool. Check it out — this is its log of my xmms listening habits, neatly cross-linked and referenced. (The cheesy ‘Liberty X’ listens were Catherine, I swear.)

Anyway, AS is a bit like Napster’s ‘explore other person’s music collection’ feature, which was cool for picking up recommendations — but this one is based on actual plays, and without the link to a service that the RIAA would want to see shut down ASAP. ;)

It can come out with some pretty bizarre results — for example, ‘people who listen to Thievery Corporation also listen to Radiohead’, according to this. Mind you, that’s probably correct…

Prediction: I’ll wind up being top of the list for listening to Acen’s tunes by the end of 2 weeks. That’s the plan at least ;)

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