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Senderbase and Alexa

SenderBase is a cool site which lists email traffic volumes for specific senders and organisations.

This will make for some very cool spam tests. As you can see, several of the top ten sending domains are ISPs that, shall we say, may have a few ‘issues’ with customers’ open proxies. They’re scattered in amongst the Yahoo!s and Hotmails ;) Then there’s a couple of well-known domains that, let’s say, have a habit of appearing on the SBL.

Well, not quite as practical, but useful nonetheless, is Alexa’s ‘traffic detail’ feature for the web.

Very nifty; a log-scale graph of traffic as measured by pageviews from Alexa’s toolbar, and you can pick 2 sites and compare their hitrates. For example, according to this, SpamAssassin is bigger than Jesus ;)

Thanks to ‘Mr. FoRK’ on the FoRK list for this URL…