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the melting-pot that is

Just taking a look around to see who’s set us up the blog recently; here’s the results:

  • unfortunately quite a few folks seem to have got bored and left off around mid-April. Ah well.

  • Quite a few lively blogs to add to the blogroll.

  • There’s also a burgeoning population of teenage Malaysian blogs, bizarrely enough! planet_aiie, whoelse and corexified. Big slipknot fans it seems.

  • Malaysia’s not alone in this — here’s a Jamaican guy. Must be the flag on the favourites icon; green and gold on a black background — that’s more than ;) Unfortunately for my patois, he stopped updating in April. Sufferation! Oh well, I’ll just have to stick with the Sizzla for my lessons.

  • a Phillipino blog, too!

Just figuring this one — it seems is free and easy to set up a blog at, doesn’t have ads, and does decent RSS with full <content:encoded> blocks. All in all, that makes it a pretty good blog platform when you think about it. Fair enough!

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