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Snopes: Urban Legends Urban Legend

Brilliant. From this week’s b3ta newsletter via the forteana list comes this work of one-liner UL genius:

Snopes conspiracy: ‘ Snopes was set up in early 1995 by the CIA as a way to debunk popular conspiracy theories, Companies and individuals can now pay to have their urban legend denied on the site, a prime beneficiary being Richard Gere.’

Spam: Hackers Hijack PC’s for Sex Sites (NYT). Good article about a (suspected) Russian spam ring using hijacked PCs and reverse proxies to host spamvertized websites.

Ceramics: Anyone who’s been following the IRTF’s Anti-Spam Research Group mailing list recently, will have come across Mark McCarron’s ‘proposal’ regarding an anti-spam system that has something to do with everyone paying 5,000 UKP, ditching end-to-end SMTP, stopping any non-human-initiated e-mail, and energy from the Pyramids of Giza (I think).

Surprisingly enough, The Reg wrote some unkind words, and now Mark exercises his right to reply. Unmissable, mainly for the details of his reign of terror during school and his ‘jack of all trades’ abilities.

Great fun, in a kind of ‘watching a car-crash’ way.

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