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Spam Gallery, and Fusors

The Field Guide To Spam, by Dr. John Graham-Cumming of POPFile; seems to be a continuation of his ‘Spammer’s Compendium’ talk at the Spam Conference. Lots of examples of filter-evasion tricks used in spam, with a brief description, example, and categorization.

Worth noting some SpamAssassin dogma here: these may seem to be a good way to evade filters. However, since they are tricks that spam uses, and non-spam mail does not, they then make excellent spam signatures — and the spammers effectively just give us yet another way to identify their spam. ;)

Hacking: is a community of mad scientists amateur fusion researchers, building nuclear fusion devices in their garages and basements. They’re not quite self-sustaining yet, but they’re definitely working on it.

In the meantime, some pretty pictures of poissors, buggle jets, and fusion stars here. Thanks to Mr. FoRK for posting a link to this… amazing.

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