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SCO suggestion

Derek has an interesting suggestion for IBM:

Grab a controlling interest, tell the senior management to sod off, tell the employees to clear out their cubicles, and clear up any hint of IP confusion by selling to IBM for $1 all intellectual property, and then dissolve the corporation entirely with their 50.1% voting share.

IBM has to be careful not to actually buy the company, but strictly be a majority shareholder, making decisions that are in the majority of the shareholders’ interests, even if the other 49.9% of the shareholders vehemently oppose them. :-)

Golden parachutes for senior execs? Good luck getting them from that non-existent corporation, and since IBM never actually ‘bought’ the corporation, it’s not liable for any contracts/debts/etc. SCO may have incurred. It gets all the benefit of running SCO and none of the downside.

Gotta say, I like it. ;)