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New Favourite Band

Music: I’ve just stumbled across Ladytron on EMusic a couple of weeks ago, and they’ve totally taken over my playlist.

They’re kind of over-cool electro stuff in the style of Air, but with much more in the way of 80s-style synth noises. Massively over-cool: it seems the name is from a tune from Roxy Music’s first album, this interview has them namechecking ‘The Andromeda Strain’ and ‘Logan’s Run’, and virtually every tune is heavily Kraftwerky.

Still, I’m hooked… one note though: IMO, the first album, 604, is much better than the difficult second. AudioGalaxy seems to have a copy of ‘ Play Girl‘ from 604 — give it a listen.

Recommended tracks: I’m With The Pilots and DiscotraxxPaco! is worth a listen too, it includes the theme tune to Are You Being Served, believe it or not. ;)

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