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Flash Mobs hit Ballyhoo

The latest interweb craze, ‘Flash Mobs’, have hit Ballyhoo, according to The Ballyhoo Examiner:

‘There was about 15 of them, and they went around the shop muttering ‘carriages’ or ‘cabbages’, I’m not quite sure which’ …. Brendan says he himself would be ‘game on’ to take part in the next one, as long as it isn’t in his own employers’ this time, or a bank.

Art: Size does matter, Jamaicans decide (Guardian):

Two naked 7ft-high bronze figures – a male and a female – looking skywards on a dome-shaped fountain embossed with Bob Marley’s lyrics ‘None but ourselves can free our minds’. But according to the statue’s critics the artist is too light-skinned, the male figure is too generously endowed, and both are, well, too naked. …. Another writer ridiculed Renaissance sculptors for being not generous enough. ‘Just because Europe’s classical statues had small penises, … does not mean Jamaica must follow suit.’

SCOvEveryone: Groklaw forwards an interesting theory: Does SCO Unixware 7.1.3 contain substantial portions of SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 — including the GPL’d device drivers? The author writes:

It is my belief and opinion that SCO has indeed borrowed engineering concepts and methods from their association with UnitedLinux. Many of these new features and the remarkable similarity with SLES 8 did not occur until after they started to participate in UnitedLinux and since these features were available to SuSE customers before SCO’s involvement I am inclined to believe that SCO’s engineering team has been influenced or tainted by the Linux development process. I cannot say if UnixWare 7.1.3 or SLES 8 share common code; as I said I am not a source licensee. I feel these issues need to be investigated further.