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Ishkur’s Guide

Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music v2.0, via MeFi.

Not bad at all! It actually has 2 Congo Natty tracks listed — even if it gets the name wrong for one of them ;) I’ll nitpick, though; the categories around drum and bass, ragga jungle, jungle, and breakbeat are a bit randomly-connected together; they didn’t really tie together that way at all IMO. And he randomly decided that hardcore should be renamed ‘breakcore’, created a new category for all that gabba shite, then called it hardcore. But hey… if you’re going to try to make some kind of sense out of it, you have to break some eggs, and never mind — there’s lots of nice samples!

BTW I can’t believe he lists Rob Hubbard’s theme music to Zoids in the Techno/VGM category. Has someone really released that?

And in passing, I should note, the description for ‘Not Trance’ under ‘Trance’ is spot on. As are many of the other recent trance/house-related categories. And, alright, some of the recent d’n’b categories too…