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KDE patch, and my cat

Linux: So, I like being able to move windows around using the keyboard very quickly. In particular, one nifty feature of Sawfish was corner.jl, a Sawfish lisp snippet which ‘provides functions to move a window into a screen corner.’

Some background: my desktop layout is essentially divided into 4 corners (e.g. 4 xterms in a ‘one in each corner’ layout), or 2 sides (e.g. mail reader on the left, web browser on the right), depending on the size of the windows.

Using corner.jl, one could just throw the mouse into any part of a window’s area, hit a key, and the window would move where you wanted it.

I’ve since moved to KDE, and missed that functionality. So a while back, I reimplemented it as a patch to kwin. Here it is, and bug 65338 is the KDE bug entry tracking it as a feature request.

Not much traction in persuading the KDE folks to apply it, but hey, that’s open source for ya. The patch will always be around anyway ;)

Pets: My cat brings me presents.

Specifically, today he brought me a mouse’s liver and left it on the doorstep. At least I think it’s a mouse’s liver; the scale seems right. No sign of the rest of the mouse, though…

This is with no less than 3 bells on his collar; I don’t know how he does it, unless it’s simply that the rodents round here are just not used to the concept of predation.

BTW, the mouse’s liver wound up flushed down the toilet.

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