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Bits: BarbieOS, a cutdown version of Debian from Mattel. Really. ‘BarbieOS 1.0 is the result of almost a year’s worth of marketing research into what pre-adolescent girls want in a mobile Linux solution aimed at being a desktop replacement.’ (via Ben)

Great site — also has US.BLAST.D Worm Wreaks Havoc on US Post Office, Mail Delivery Halted (‘Until a patch can be created by Microsoft and deployed by the MCSEs who maintain the nation’s critical infrastructure, President Bush has urged all Americans to lock in a safe or a drawer all of their pens, pencils, stamps, white paper and envelopes so that they cannot be exploited by the virus and used to write out more copies of itself.’

— and An Open Letter from RIAA President Hillary Rosen to Music Pirates Everywhere (‘Currently an RIAA-backed online service known as Pressplay allows users to subscribe for $18.95 a month to a small library of popular works and listen to them via half-quality audio streams if they have broadband connections. Users may download 10 songs a month to burn to CDs if they wish. Pressplay exclusively supports the Windows Media Audio format, and therefore each song benefits from active scripting support, expiration dates, copy protection and proven Microsoft security. With embedded scripts, each song can also enhance the user experience by opening web pages featuring more music they might like to buy. After only 8 months online and a strategic partnership with AOL, Pressplay currently boasts more than 100 subscribers and is growing every day.’)

Spam: Bayesian comment filter for Movable Type, nifty. Pity it’s still using the Paul Graham method, which is not so hot. (thx Antoin!)

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