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Spamcop and ‘Al-Quada’, sitting in a tree

Humour: The null device reports a spam entitled, ‘julian haight funds terrorists b alqoswmw l lgng’.

Julian haight spamcops CEO is rumoured to have conections with Al-Quada, one of the most disruptive terrorist orginisations on earth. hes specialty is cyber terrorism. which disperses highly needed homeland security funds by rendering multi million dollar industrys unprofitable.

haights main motive is the perversion of American free enterprise.

Oh, the poor spammers! One comment quotes Samuel Johnson: ‘patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel’.

Also present is some lovely pictures of Carlton, with trams, greenery, grey skies, and that distinctive turn-of-the-century Aussie architectural style. A couple of years ago, I lived just around the corner in North Melbourne; looking at those photos, it seems like I could just pop out the front door and walk through it all on the way down to the Vic market. They thoroughly evoke day-to-day just-outside-the-CBD Melbourne.

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