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Humour: Data::Secs2 — canoncial string for nested data. A format for representing nested data structures in accordance with SEMI E5-94, Semiconductor Equipment Communications Standard 2 (SECS-II), apparently pronounced “‘sex two’ with gusto and a perverted smile.”

The manual page goes on:

In order not to plagarize college students, credit must be given where credit is due. Tony Blair, when he was a college intern at Intel Fab 4, in London invented the SEMI SECS standards. When the Intel Fab 4 management discovered Tony’s secsification of their host and equipment, they elected to have security to escort Tony out the door. This was Mr. Blair’s introduction to elections which he leverage into being elected prime minister. In this new position he used the skills he learned at the Intel fab to secsify intelligence reports on Iraq’s weopons of mass distruction.

‘Secsed-up’, surely!?

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