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SF film tip: ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’

Movies: Inhabitants of San Francisco! Or people nearby who fancy watching a great documentary! According to the Morning Fix, the Castro theater will be showing the amazing documentary The Revolution Will Not Be Televised between Oct 24-30.

I’ve blogged this before, but quick recap: it’s an incredible movie documenting what happened in the Venezuelan Presidential Palace on April 11th 2002, when President Hugo Chavez was briefly deposed by a coup d’etat. It covers the entire period, and amazingly has pretty-much full access to everything that Chavez, his cabinet, and his loyal soldiers did and said. A sample:

‘On the day of the coup, we only began realising what was actually going on when the state TV signal was cut. Up until then, people had been shot and there was a terrible sense of confusion, but still the reality of what was taking place hadn’t exactly sunk in. Then later that night, the media started saying that Chavez had fled to Cuba and that he had resigned, when in fact he was in the palace — and so were we. It became clear then that something very calculated and sinister was unfolding.’

Really, it’s well worth watching. Due to its comments on the actions, and spin, of the current US administration, Harry Knowles reckons it’ll never get a public release in the US outside a film festival (and I’d agree) — so you’re going to have to watch it in a lefty theater or nothing.

(BTW the website needs some work though — it uses the horrible ‘reinventing the scrollbar’ DHTML trick, urgh.)

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