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E-Voting: ACT’s open-source e-voting system

Voting: I’ve pointed to this before, but I use partly as a searchable database of annotated bookmarks, so — for reference — here’s the Australian Capital Territory’s EVACS system, an entire, open-source e-voting system:

EVACS is the computer system that provides for electronic voting and electronic counting for ACT Legislative Assembly elections. It provides for counting according to the Hare-Clark electoral system rules set out in the Electoral Act 1992.

EVACS was written using Linux open source software to ensure appropriate transparency. A copy of the source code is available in a zip file (127 kb). The source code for the casual vacancy module is in a separate file (38 kb). For more information contact Software Improvements.

Still not perfect — it uses electronic ballot stations, instead of paper ballots — but it does support paper ballots. And it’s open source; note the keyword above — ‘appropriate transparency‘. They said it, not me ;)

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