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Ho hum

Spam: I just received a spam containing this (HTML tags made readable by translating angles to round brackets):

Subject: Re: ZR, the master walked

(BODY bgColor=#ffffff) (font color=white) hellgrammite vocabularian distaff cardamom curvilinear pyhrric whizzing fruition canvasback maritime calcareous byline peddle cautionary smooch detain deadwood thrash centaur hurd coruscate confession bloom damsel gallon downtown morphine respirator psycho consolidate nee boycott (/font) Ban(/neve)ned C(/elmsford)D Gov(/validate)ernment d(/staccato)on’t wan(/goat)t m(/embank)e t(/trident)o s(/logjam)ell i(/constantine)t. Se(/falloff)e N(/judson)ow – (then a link, finally!!) (font color=white)neuroses aghast mazurka ribose architectural tranquillity heterosexual custom coquette mauritius downgrade croydon mechanist devious nh lange circumscribe infancy drool between foppish momentous doug induce (/font)

What a mess. Regardless, SpamAssassin gave it a 17.4 and autolearned it as spam ;)

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