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Jody — still going strong

Spam: I just got another Jody spam; 40 points this time, and featuring the very latest in spam fashion, a .biz URL.

It’s amazing! The ‘Jody’ fake testimonial crops up in 9060 results on the web and 78600 results on USENET. The oldest spam Google Groups has with this text was posted back on 26th May 1998, which makes it 5 and a half years old by now. (Check it out for some classic period ASCII art, misspellings, and LOTS OF SHOUTING!!!!)

Last time I posted about it, Ben actually tracked down a ‘Mitchell Wolf M.D., Chicago, Illinois’ — Jody’s supposed spouse. Presumably he’s retired on the the ‘USD 147,200.00 every 45 days’ that Jody was amassing from her ‘hobby’, though. ;)

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