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The Next Thing After the Hummer

Vehicles: Gulf War Vehicles Hit L.A. Freeways (LALA Times):

‘The Humvee ambulance is to the SUV what the standard Humvee was to the jeep. The taller canopy allows for an entire extended family of 8-10 persons to sit comfortably. So it conserves energy even if it gets just under 6 miles per gallon. As with the Humvee, bottled bubbly water fits snugly in the racks on the back of the vehicle. Beach blankets and umbrellas can also be attached to the vehicle’s shell for easy extraction and use.

The Abrams’ hybrid tank weighs in at a sturdy three tons and gets just over two miles per gallon. The treads have been scaled back, the barrel has been removed and the turret has been smoothed out. The front window has been expanded and the plexi-glass top hatch doubles as a door and sun roof. Crash tests show the Abrams to be first-rate.’

New Humvee Spans Two Lanes of Traffic

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