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Various Monday Morning quickies

Anthems: The Chechen Nation Anthem. This has got to be the scariest anthem I’ve ever heard, what with the she-wolves whelping and what not.

Spam: Microsoft Outlook 2003 Spam Filter: Under the hood. Exhaustive!

Wired News: U.K. Plans to Extradite Spammers. Can’t see how this’ll work, given that spamming just isn’t seen by prosecutors as a high-cost crime. (Found via

Food: Blooper proves bum deal for Sharwoods (Guardian): ‘When Sharwoods launched its latest product range earlier this month, it promised the ‘deliciously rich’ sauces based on a traditional northern Indian method of cooking would ‘change the way consumers make curry’. What it failed to foresee was that ‘bundh’ in Punjabi has an altogether less savoury meaning

  • the nearest English translation being, to put it bluntly, ‘arse’.’

(Thanks Lean!)

Plus, a bonus: a brief history of advertising mistranslations, some doubtless ULs.

Patents: MS Office 2003 XML Reference Schema Patent License (via patents at aful dot org):

Microsoft may have patents and/or patent applications that are necessary for you to license in order to make, sell, or distribute software programs that read or write files that comply with the Microsoft specifications for the Office Schemas.
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