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Great article on e-voting issues

E-Voting: Do not miss this fantastic round-up on the e-voting situation in the US. It contains these amazing quotes from the leaked Diebold memos:

”Over (the past three years) I have become increasingly concerned about the apparent lack of concern over the practice of writing contracts to provide products and services which do not exist and then attempting to build these items on an unreasonable timetable with no written plan, little to no time for testing, and minimal resources. It also seems to be an accepted practice to exaggerate our progress and functionality to our customers and ourselves then make excuses at delivery time when these products and services do not meet expectations.’ (Source: ‘Resignation’, announce.w3archive/200110/msg00001.html, dated 5 October 2001)

‘It does not matter whether we get anything certified or not, if we can’t even get the foundation of Global stable. This company is a mess! We should stop development on all new, and old products and concentrate on making them stable instead of showing vaporware. Selling a new account will only load more crap on an already over burdened entity. … You are taxing the development team beyond what they can handle. … Why is it so hard to get things right! I have never been at any other company that has been so miss managed (sic).’ (Source: ‘Fw: Battery Status & Charging—and too much bull!!’, announce.w3archive/200110/msg00002.html, dated 20 October 2001)’

I’m speechless. At least the NEDAP system planned for Ireland isn’t this bad — or is it? We can’t tell.

Support the calls for a Voter-Verifiable Paper Audit Trail. There’s no other way to continue to have a trustworthy democratic system with widespread use of e-voting in place.

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