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Post-Thanksgiving bits

Quickies: I like Thanksgiving! A holiday based around a roast fowl and some booze; can’t go too far wrong with that. Thumbs up.

FrodoPalm — run C=64 games on your Palm handheld. Insanely cool. (via /.) I wonder what the controls are like, though — that can totally kill a game’s playability.

Escape From Woomera — nice press-grabbing idea, but I can’t imagine that the game will be too hot, though. (via Boing Boing)

The Bearer of This Card is a Genuine and Authorized Tsar, via Blather Shitegeist. push for ‘open source’ biotech. I was just thinking about this last week; interesting to see this happening.

‘Biotechnology, the way it is right now, is needed in the developing world like a screen door on a submarine,’ said Jefferson. ‘What it really needs is what good science can do in biology, in biotechnology. And that means a different agenda and a different group of innovators.’

‘He added such tools could also help us understand and improve agricultural management systems such as organic approaches. An example of this would be the development of new ‘bioindicator’ plant varieties that would tell farmers about their soil nitrogen levels.’

Fantastic idea. I hope this takes off…