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Music: So the current news on the Irish web scene is the Irish Recorded Music Association, Ireland’s very own mini-RIAA, attempting to sue cheap CD vendor out of the Irish market.

CDWow sell CDs cheap, by shipping from Hong Kong. Yes, the price differential between Hong Kong and Europe is so big that even considering the shipping costs, it works out significantly cheaper for the consumer.

The IRMA page on the issue is hilarious, with vague threats of ‘credit cards floating through cyberspace’ (whatever that means), and comments like: ‘Remember every CD Wow purchase is a nail in the coffin of an Irish job’, because so much of the bland, multinational, big-music-industry output is produced in Ireland. Suuuure.

Read on at the Boards.IE discussion. ‘Doctor J’ on that forum notes:

I saw a Ween cd, manufactured in the USA, on sale in HMV for EUR44.99 last night.
  • CD Universe – EUR14.99
  • – UKP17.99
  • – UKP9.41
  • Are IRMA seriously suggesting it is in the interests of the Irish consumer

    to be ripped off by almost EUR30???

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