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Spam Surrealism

Spam: Yoz comments on the bizarre new names appearing in spam, linking to a 2lmc spool entry and this entry at, featuring such beauties as:

  • Inflorescence B. Afghan
  • Petards Q. Blinkers
  • Foobar Economides
  • Hillock H. Fossilized
  • Hotel K. Primate
  • Networked T. Crowley
  • Jitterbug I. Catastrophes
  • Pragmatism O. Playhouses

Me, I’m looking forward to getting spam from Collately Sisters with the international finance arse and Peter O’Hanraha-hanrahan on new Euro-quota rates.

Oh look, I’ve found some war:

MORRIS: Back live now, progress on The Day Today smart bomb – Jonathan! Get rid of Hurd! Thanks!

(Hurd vanishes from a monitor, replaced by a bomb’s eye view of the war zone.)

MAN WITH GLASSES: Well, Chris, as you can see there’s the missile, cruising at around 2000 per second trying to locate the target the soldier it’s aimed at – there’s the soldier, it goes in through the mouth, down through the oesophagus, into the stomach and there’s the explosion. (The camera enters the gob of a surprised trooper before the picture turns to static)

MORRIS: Absolutely bang! That’s The Day Today bringing you another tear on the face of the world’s mother! Alan! Sport!

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