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Now THAT is cool

Software: There’s a certain frisson to be had when you find out that your software is running somewhere really cool; I got this when I found out that PLP was being used in McMurdo Base, Antarctica and SpamAssassin as The Well‘s spam filtering system (SpamAssassin‘s now even more widely deployed, which is amazing — but this was the first ‘woo!’ moment).

However, I think Justin Frankel of WinAmp has got me well beat — the International Space Station. Bloody hell.

Aside: I wonder if they need a spam filter up there? ;)

Funny: We Love The SCO Information Minister. ‘Their assertions are incorrect. The source code is absolutely owned by SCO.’

Spam: 2 South Florida men agree to post $1 million bonds before spamming in future after an FTC bust — looks like a mortgage-scam spam team. Yay FTC!

The two portrayed themselves as mortgage lenders in unsolicited commercial e-mail, the FTC said, but their 30 Minute Mortgage operation was in fact not a lender and did not offer 30-year loans at 3.95 percent, as advertised.

Instead, the two were interested in getting potential customers to divulge their Social Security numbers, income and other sensitive financial data, which they then tried to sell to others, the FTC charged.

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