Irish Anti-Spam Law, and Gaven Stubberfield Arrested

Spam: Let me take this moment to welcome our UK friends to the ‘spam now illegal’ club; unlike the US, the European and Australian anti-spam laws seem to be shaping up nicely, requiring opt-in before ’email marketing’ can be sent.

This actually happened in Ireland a couple of weeks ago, but I think I forgot to mention it here, so here’s the details:

Announcement, full text, full text as HTML. (It’s section 13 you want to read. Note that OpenOffice seems to have miscounted the bullet points in the HTML version ;)

The good stuff:

  • it’s opt-in, not opt-out like the cruddy CAN-SPAM act in the US. so that’s a fundamentally anti-spam position. Thanks EU!
  • each spam counts as a separate offence = lots of damages, I’d guess.
  • forging/disguising of originating header info is prohibited.

The bad:

I was reminded by this letter from the Department of Communications received by UCC , which notes:

But the Minister has announced that he intends using Ireland’s Presidency of the EU to initiate global partnership in clamping down on ‘spam.’

Global? Just don’t ask for any help from the Florida state government. ;)

Spam: Other (big) spam news: ‘Gaven Stubberfield’ arrested for ‘falsifying his identity so that his e-mails could not be traced’. SBL say that Jeremy Jaynes, aka ‘Gaven Stubberfield’ is the eight-most prolific spammer in the world, and is ‘notorious for ‘horsey porn’ spam’.

Irish: Irish WWW pioneer Peter Flynn now has a weblog, it seems. As far as I can tell, Peter was responsible for much of the good stuff at, which reminds me to post this link to Pangur Bán I’ve been meaning to post.

Messe ocus Pangur Bán,
cechtar nathar fria saindan:
bíth a menmasam fri seilgg,
mu memna céin im saincheirdd.

In my case, it’s mise agus Bubba Liath, otherwise pretty close despite the intervening 11 centuries…

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