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Some Good News, For Once

Food: So I’m reading Fast Food Nation, which looked well set to put me off burgers and beef products for life.

Then I get to the epilogue, and find a glowing write-up for In-N-Out Burger, our local chain; they provide healthcare for their workers, use quality-assured beef, and have received top marks in food quality and cleanliness for years! Hooray! And they even have a secret menu (although the 4×4 seems a bit Elvis, if you ask me).

Beef’s back on the menu!

Society: The Age: They are afraid, very afraid: ‘it would seem that terrorists have
succeeded in frightening a nation. They may be aided by several decades of over-reaction to the social malaise that is endemic to the poorer and disenfranchised parts of America. It seems that at least one generation has already grown up in the grip of largely irrational fears.’

Misc: some snippets:

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