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Serbian Football Hooligans

Sport: Observer: Football, blood and war: an insane article about the
crossover between Serbian nationalist paramilitaries and football hooliganism:

The crowd watched as a group of Serbian paramilitaries (the self-styled ‘Tigers’), dressed in full uniform, took up positions in the north stand. There were about 20 of them and, one by one, they held aloft road signs: ’20 miles to Vukovar’; ’10 miles to Vukovar’; ‘Welcome to Vukovar’. More road signs were brandished, each one bearing the name of a Croatian town that had fallen to the Serbian army. From high up in the stand, Arkan, the notorious commander-in-chief of the Tigers and director of the Red Star supporters’ association, emerged to receive the delighted applause of supporters who were no longer fractious but united in hatred of a common enemy – the Croats.

Mind you, that was 1992. Still, very scary. (Via the ie-rant mailing list)

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