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Social: It’s a blogsplosion! (neologism, Creative Commons license, cheers.)

First off, we have Old Rottenhat, a fantastic group-weblog featuring several old mates of mine, musing on music (Eoghan), psychogeography (Delaney), quitting work (Dr.), and random comments (Krossie). It’s great reading.

Next, Tom has finally set us up the blog in the form of Linux and Goblins, ‘your home for neither of the above’, with some trademark Tom-style moaning, half-baked ideas, and pestering of some politician git called Phillip Boucher-Hayes.

Both are now firmly ensconced in the sidebar, and on my daily list… an RSS feed for Old Rottenhat can be found here, and I’ll be making one for Tom too when I get the chance.

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