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BUA Training — clueless interview

Media: ever wondered why SCO is being targetted by the MyDoom virus?

Wonder no more. Apparently, according to William Campbell of BUA Training in this hilariously off-the-wall interview with RTE’s Morning Ireland radio show, it’s because of the Browser Wars and ‘Open System Software’. He goes on to explain:

‘if you go to a website, such as, you can download a free copy of what is the competitor for Microsoft Office, an equivalent of Microsoft Word, and equivalent of Microsoft Excel, which probably most of you have on their computers.’ ‘These competitors, they don’t really exists as companies, although there are some companies such as Open and eh, Star Office and lynux, but em, Microsoft has put all the commercial competition out of business, or they bought them up or whatever.’

Complete transcript here.

Sounds like Morning Ireland needs some new ‘computer experts’ ;)

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