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Life Hacks

Work: Life Hacks: Tech Secrets of Overprolific Alpha Geeks, Danny O’Brien’s ETech talk.

Amazingly, despite not being an alpha geek ;), I already use all these things:

  • a todo.txt file (anything else is inconvenient).
  • everything incoming comes through email, including RSS (thanks to rss2email). Again, anything else is inconvenient; I couldn’t be bothered with another desktop app.
  • I hack scripts for every repetitive task I run into
  • I sync instead of backup; everything has a CVS repository running on a remote server, even my home dir
  • I have a nasty tendency to web-scrape data

These tips definitely are good advice. Although I have a feeling the result is optimised to a weblogging UNIX geek who spends hours hacking perl/python scripts. ;)

I’m looking forward to when it does eventually go live… should be interesting.

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